Tuesday, July 2, 2013

replica louis vuitton mahina bag

As the spokesperson for Mango, Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson designed this kind of handbag. The pattern is the map of Haiti before the earthquakes and the bag features the characters"support the Haitian people" as well as the actress's signature. This bag will be put on sale in March at the world's Mango stores and is priced at RMB 199 and all of the profits will be donated to OXFAM Haiti Earthquake Fund.

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Since direct copying the design and style of popular handbags may cause legal issues, the replica handbags appear very real but will not have the same mark and stamps that you can see on replica louis vuitton mahina bag original bags. The features of the bags will uncannily similar to the original but the one who has knowledge about original bags can differentiate it easily. Some may feel that since the prices of the replica louis vuitton mahina bag replica purses are low, the quality of these will also be not that good as real ones..

Name brand handbags are quite popular, particularly amongst fashion conscious people who love to follow the latest trending styles. General, mass produced handbags are not made with the same high quality materials as those from top designers so their stitching, lining, and other parts are not at the same level of quality. Even though they cost considerably more than similar bags from unknown designers, you get a better quality product as well as a definite fashion statement that is sure to be recognized.

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